srt rigging
Contact the DCA Training Officer or see the training events or PICA page. Various types of training events are available.

Specialist SRT Rigging and Rescue Workshops

This workshop is not an introduction to SRT, however there will be plenty of opportunity to pick up on techniques etc. People attending will be expected to demonstrate basic SRT. The day will be of an informal nature with emphasis on personal techniques improvement.

Vertical Caving Techniques

Taken directly from the CIC scheme.

A candidate must be skilled and fluent in Single Rope Technique (SRT) and pull-through abseiling and be competent to use and coach all these techniques in a safe and effective fashion to others. The skills required include the ability to rig pitches, traverses and climbs to best and safe advantage. Above all the candidate should have clear judgement on the appropriateness of different vertical caving techniques to suit the skills, nature and size of his / her groups.

Ladders, Lifelines and Self Rescue Workshops

A practical workshop essential for cavers who may now or in the future be responsible for the rigging of pitches and the lifelining of other cavers climbing electron ladders. The ladder and line courses are designed for experienced cavers, keen individuals, club leaders and potential caving instructors.

Digital Cave Photography Workshops

Phone for details as this is a very specialised event with limited places.

Caving Club Training Officers Workshops

Many clubs already have a CTO to whom it usually falls to organise and supervise training for newly joined novice cavers. This is THE workshop for 'training the Trainers'. This is a BCA event and open to training officers anywhere in the UK.

Cave Leader Workshops

A practical workshop ideal for cavers already or are thinking about leading others underground.

Level 1 Module 1 - Core Skills

Taken directly from the LC/MLA scheme.

Candidates will have to demonstrate that their caving knowledge and experience is more than adequate to lead and give guidance to others in their charge. Candidates should however be able to move fluently and competently in the caves and mines in which they intend to lead novices.

BCA Cave Leader Training (LC/MLA)