2021 SSSI Monitoring

2021 SSSI monitoring required!

Any help gratefully received.

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Poole's Cavern

pooles cavern sssi imagePoole’s Cavern is an isolated segment of unusually large (for the Peak District) passage, together with important clastic sediment deposits and abundant speleothems. A feature that is unique to this cave is the number of unusually fast growing (up to 10mm a-1), often orange-capped, stalagmites. Their growth is attributed to percolation water having become hyperalkaline as a result of passing through waste from abandoned lime workings on the surface. XRD studies have shown that the orange colour can be attributed to organic matter derived from the overlying soil, and trapped within the calcite (Baker et al., 1998). The stalagmites contain annual laminations that have been used to calibrate luminescence records of past climate change (Baker et al., 1999). The whole of the cave is open to tourists, and careful management provides a high level of protection for the important features in the cave.

doc0Poole's Cavern