2021 SSSI Monitoring

2021 SSSI monitoring required!

Any help gratefully received.

Surveys & forms available for download, see left for details.

Masson Hill

masson hill sssi imageThe Masson Hill SSSI is made up of six separate areas: The Masson Hill area, and five outlying areas: The Tear Breeches/Royal/Hopping complex, Brightgate Cave, Oxclose Mine, Jug Holes, and the Cumberland / Wapping complex. The site as a whole is the best example in Britain for demonstrating the relationships between mineralisation of the limestone and cave development. Sediments in Masson Cavern include fluvio-glacial material deposited during an episode of reversed magnetic polarity (>780ka). No dates are available for sediments in any of the other caves, but these may well be equally ancient. A cave and mine conservation audit for the Masson Hill area, including all of the SSSI, was compiled by Webb (2000). The majority of underground passage within the Masson Hill area of the SSSI lies within what has been called the Masson Hill Complex (Webb, 2001).

doc0Brightgate Cave
doc1Cumberland & Wapping Mines
doc2Devonshire Cavern
doc4Masson Cavern
doc5Oxclose Mine
doc6Youds Level & Old Jant Mine