2021 SSSI Monitoring

2021 SSSI monitoring required!

Any help gratefully received.

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Lathkill Dale

lathkill dale sssi imageThe caves within the SSSIs (of Lathkill Dale and Upper Lathkill) provide important evidence of the geomorphological history of the central limestone area and cover a very large time span. Speleothems from Water Icicle Close Cavern have been dated at >350ka and sediments from here indicate an origin at a time when the impervious cover was relatively close by although the nearest Namurian rocks now lie some 7km to the west. The active caves of the Lathkill Head complex may also have been formed by allogenic drainage from Namurian strata that have subsequently been removed by erosion. However, they are currently fed entirely by percolation water from within the karst area, discharge water from their main entrances only in wet periods, and may dry up altogether in dry summers. This may in part be due to drainage by lead mine soughs.

doc0Critchlow Cave
doc1Lathkill Head Cave
doc2Lower Cales Dale Cave
doc3Mandale Mine
doc4Water Icicle Close Mine