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Hamps & Manifold valleys

hamps manifold sssi image Although not designated specifically for cave features, the site contains a number of caves with features of special scientific interest. There are two groups of caves, the active caves (valley floor caves and Ilam Risings), and the relict caves. The most important of the valley floor caves (described below, and with surveys) are Darfar Pot, Ladyside Pot and Redhurst Swallet which provide excellent examples of recent and active cave passage development beneath the modern valley floor. These, together with the many other small (in both length and passage dimensions) caves, provide the only example in the Peak District of a new cave system developing under a valley floor and gradually capturing the surface flow.

The Ilam risings discharge all of the flow of the Hamps and Manifold rivers except in very wet conditions, when there is surface flow throughout. About 250m of active phreatic passage has been explored to a depth of 54m, although the survey is incomplete and has not been included in the present report. The explored risings provide a good example of active phreatic passage but are not known to contain any other features of special interest. There are a number of high level caves, of which the most important are Elderbush Cave and Darfar Ridge Cave each of which is described below. Thor’s Cave is a truncated phreatic passage with a very impressive entrance but no survey is available and the cave does not contain clastic sediments or speleothems that have been studied.

doc0Darfar Pot
doc1Darfar Ridge Cave
doc2Elderbush Cave
doc3Ladyside Pot
doc4Limepits (West Ecton) Mine
doc5Redhurst Swallet
doc6Robins Shaft Mine
doc7St Bertrams Cave
doc9Waterways Swallet