Stoney cover

Stoney Middleton Dale SSSI Cave Audit and Conservation Management Plan

By Mark Cope. Published by DCA in 2014.

Price £10 + £1 postage.

Specification:68 pages with lots of surveys and colour photos. Plastic front cover for protection.

Waterways cover

Cave Conservation Plan for Waterways Swallet

Compiled by Melissa Milner for the Derbyshire Caving Association. Published July 2013.

18 pages, colour photos and several surveys.

You can download it using the link below:-

pdfCCP for Waterways Swallet2.67 MB

Manifold and Hamps cover

Cave & Mine Conservation Audit for the Manifold & Hamps Valleys, 2nd. edition

Compiled and Edited by Martin Milner for the Derbyshire Caving Association. Published August 2007.

Price: £15.00 plus £1.00 postage.

Includes descriptions of the cave and mine Geology, Hydrology, Archaeology and Biospeleology of the area; discussion of conservation requirements and threats to the surface and underground sites. Includes colour photographs, maps and surveys of many of the 50 caves and mines and notes on their exploration.

Descriptions of surface and underground sites in the area with notes on history and archaeological investigations; accounts of diving in the Ilam resurgences and water tracing in the Manifold and Hamps catchment areas. Contains bibliography and glossary plus appendices.

Specification: 79 pages A4; plastic cover; 39 pages of colour photos plus maps and surveys.

Cover of booklet

Cumberland Cavern & Wapping Mine, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire

Compiled by John Barnatt and David Webb for the Derbyshire Caving Association. Published June 2003.

Price: £11.00 plus 90p postage.

Including a description of the Geological, Mineralogical and Archaeological interest of the site and a Conservation Plan. Includes colour photographs together with maps and surveys. Contains bibliography and glossary plus appendices.

Includes a brief account of the accessible passages of both Wapping Mine and Cumberland Cavern with maps and surveys and a brief summary of the past history of the system and previous research undertaken here.

The character of natural and archaeological features worthy of conservation is outlined and practical conservation measures are discussed for this important Scheduled Site of Scientific Interest.

Specification: 48 pages A4 plus 3 x A3 surveys; 44 illustrations 13 pages of colour photos; plastic cover & spine binder.

Jugholes cover

Jug Holes Interpretation Pack

Compiled by David Webb and Gordon Fiander for the Derbyshire Caving Association. Published September 2002.

Price: £8.00 plus 70p postage.

A joint Peak Instructed Caving Affiliation and Derbyshire Caving Association production. Supported by English Nature. An introduction to the many interesting features to be found, both above and below ground, at this popular Derbyshire venue.

Aimed at both recreational cavers and outdoor centres, the publication includes a discussion of conservation issues and conservation guidelines and an explanation of the geology and mining history of this unique SSSI. With photos, surveys and itineraries. Contains bibliography and glossary plus appendices.

Specification: 30 pages A4; 15 pages of colour photos; 4 pages of surveys plus maps; plastic cover and spine binder.

Masson cover

Masson Hill Cave and Mine Conservation Audit

Compiled by David Webb for the Derbyshire Caving Association. Published February 2001.

Price: £13.00 plus 70p postage.

Commissioned for English Nature by the Derbyshire Caving Association. Deals with the caves and mines of the Masson Hill area with sections on geographical context & relationships, geology, hydrology, archaeology and biospeleology.

Contains descriptions of all the important caves and mines of the area together with discussion of conservation issues, conservation guidelines, etc. Extensive bibliography plus appendices.

Includes colour photographs plus maps and diagrams, surveys of mines in the area and large scale plans showing location of caves/mines and SSSI boundaries.

Specification: 52 pages A4; 12 colour photos; plastic cover and spine binder.