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It has been reported to DCA that the fixed ropes on the up pitches in Eldon Hole are in a poor state with a number of damaged sections. A group that was in there today have managed to isolate the damage and re-rigged the pitch as best they could with the original rope to remove the immediate danger, but a new rope will be needed here as soon as possible.

The DCA does not install and maintain any fixed ropes, so we would not be in a position to offer any rope for this. If anyone knows the length of rope that would be required to replace the in-situ one, then that would be good information to have though.

We are contacting the team of DCA anchor installers to see if we can review the anchor placements in this area and potentially install further resin anchors to remove the rub points if possible.

Visits to this area of Eldon Hole should be undertaken with extreme caution in the short term and with great care for the formations in this area at all times.

Pete Knight, DCA Projects Officer

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