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Do NOT use bollards for East and West routes in Eldon Hole.

The Eldon Hole Ground anchors are being replaced by DCA and the bollards at the top of the East and West routes were partly cut through yesterday before the grinder battery ran out.

These two damaged bollards will be replaced completely within a couple of weeks but, for the time being, please avoid using them.

The North and South route ground anchors are OK

On the 18th September 2015, a group of volunteers from Crewe Climbing & Potholing Club, armed with loppers, chain saws and petrol driven strimmers, cleared back the vegetation at the caver's car park at Waterways Swallet. Looking after this site used to be the job of Melissa Milner, who sadly passed away recently. Upkeep of the site forms part of an access agreement between cavers and the Okeover Estate. Today's work party was organised by Heather Simpson.

Waterways Swallet is one of the top ten deepest caves in the Peak District caving area, but is (more or less) devoid of pitches. The result is a classic trip which is always satisfying, although care is needed in parts, and the cave should be avoided in very wet weather, especially if there is a stream flowing into the entrance.

The work there is now complete, special thanks to Pete Mellors and Pete Knight for spreading the hardcore on the parking spot. There is now space to park several vehicles safely off the road. Just one point of clarification: the National Trust own the Hole and cavers are NOT required to seek permission before making visits unless they plan to open a major dig there (the site is a SSSI!). NT would prefer that the existence of the parking spot is not widely advertised outside caving circles.

The dig in Eldon Hole is going well with plenty of willing hands on the job and technology being brought to the problem of the construction of a timber and scaffold shaft. This aims to stabilize the route through from the foot of the Main Shaft into the Main Chamber and also hopes to reach the deep shaft believed to exist which continues from the base of the Main Chamber, eventually reaching running water at some unspecified depth.

A full report on the project and the progress to date was put before the DCA Council Meeting on 20th June and we approved the application for funding the project up to the £1000 applied for. The funding will be paid in stages on completion of the work and presentation of receipts.