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The owner of nearby Holme Hall is refusing ALL access to Holme Bank Mine, regardless of which entrance is used.  DCA is taking up the matter urgently with Chatsworth Estates, who are understood to own the land around the site.

DCA will seek to resolve this situation as quickly as possible but, in the mean time, we have to reluctantly suggest that cavers avoid visiting the mine so that there is no risk of a confrontation with the owner of Holme Hall.

Access to Herne Hill Cave no.1 has been restablished after door repairs and the fitting of a new lock. The new access procedure can be found in the online access guide.

The lastest DCA Information Circular is now available here, including news of access difficulties at Herne Hill Caves and Mouldridge Mine.

Minutes of the AGM and Council meeting held on 25th of February 2017 are now available.

Eyam Dale House Cave has been out of action for the last few years, the late John Beck used to administer access and provide a key to cavers when they called at Glebe Cottage. John's death and the change of ownership of Eyam Dale House, meant a new access agreement had to be arranged. The new owner wasn't living in the village so reaching him was troublesome but Eyam resident, Ian Smith managed to get a note to him, I managed to reach him and negotiated the new access agreement via email. Access was to be from Eyam Dale below and the lid had to be secured, without bothering the landowner for the key.

It's SSSI cave monitoring time again - 2017! See SSSI Monitoring Surveys site for details….