Eyam Dale House Cave has been out of action for the last few years, the late John Beck used to administer access and provide a key to cavers when they called at Glebe Cottage. John's death and the change of ownership of Eyam Dale House, meant a new access agreement had to be arranged. The new owner wasn't living in the village so reaching him was troublesome but Eyam resident, Ian Smith managed to get a note to him, I managed to reach him and negotiated the new access agreement via email. Access was to be from Eyam Dale below and the lid had to be secured, without bothering the landowner for the key.


Alan Brentnall and Ann Soulsby checked out a new route from Eyam Dale and met the new owner on my behalf. Pete Knight and his willing volunteers have slightly amended this route, gardened it and will be putting reflective markers on the route to aid route finding. Pete has added a combination padlock to the lid. Access details including an approach map are available in the DCA online access guide.

Thanks to the following: Ian Smith, Alan Brentnall, Ann Soulsby, Pete Knight, Beth Knight, Adam Russell, Roy Rodgers, Simon Mee, Kev West, Mike Smith and Rachel Smith for their time and labour in helping secure continued access to this site.

Wayne Sheldon