Derbyshire Caving Association

Information Circular 2004/2, March / April 2004


DCA Council - Sat. 24 April 2004, at 10am, Monyash Village Hall

The Hall will be open from about 9.30am with tea, coffee and biscuits on tap. The Old Smithy Cafe, next to the Pub, does an excellent breakfast from about 9am.

Two other DCA Council Meetings will be organised during 2004

DCA AGM 2005 - Saturday, 19th. February 2005, 10am. Monyash Village Hall


If you have any queries or problems relating to access or conservation in the region you can e-mail all the DCA Conservation and Access team members on access @ Team members are:

Snelslow Swallet
Thanks go to the team of workers from several DCA member clubs, led by DCA Conservation Officer Dave Webb, who have spent several days clearing rubbish from Snelslow Swallet and ensuring that all unwanted tat could be transported away from the site. A neat new drystone wall is being built round the swallet to prevent animals approaching the entrance and to make sure the site now stays tidy.

Waterways Swallet
Thanks to the team of workers from Orpheus Caving Club who have trimmed back the hedge to allow unobstructed access to the small car parking area. The surface of the car park is good and solid under the grass so no re-surfacing will b e needed. Please ensure that you keep the gate shut at the site while cars are parked there and after you have left and also that you take the correct route to the cave from the car park: walk a short distrance along the road to reach t he public footpath that leads past the cave entrance.


All fixed aids, whatever their origin, should be treated with caution and inspected carefully before use.

Please report any problems direct to DCA Equipment Officer, Dave Cowley: Tel. 0114-255-1285 , Mob. 07956-560055 or e-mail cowley_dave23 @ or equipment @

Giants Hole
It has been reported that one of the stainless steel maillons left fixed to the pair of P-bolts placed to allow rigging for the climb down from the Upstream Series in Giants has been removed. Also, there is evidence that these bolts and the ones safeguarding the climbs down from the Upper Series into the Crabwalk have been used to lower people down by running a rope directly through the Eco-anchor. PLEASE DON'T DO THIS! One of the pair above the Crabwalk has already had to be replaced because grit in the rope run through it to lower people wore it thin. The bolts are there to allow a ladder or rope to be rigged using the PAIR of bolts, NOT one single bolt, and so that the climbs down can be safeguarded. Please rig correctly, using additional maillons where necessary, and avoid running any rope directly through the P-bolt.

Eyam Dale Shaft Bolts
The first P-bolt on the Eyam Dale Shaft is also being used for pull-throughs or for lowering people and is showing signs of wear. Please use these bolts responsibly and rig them correctly so that there is no wear from ropes running directly through the P-bolt.

Suicide Cave
There is a report of instability of the ledge below the last set of P-bolts at the far end of the Cave. Please avoid this area for the present.


Tackle bag with gear found in Devonshire Cavern. If it's yours, please contact Mark Bennett on 01623-462460, and be prepared to describe bag and its contents.


The next set of DCA Handbook updates are in prepapration and will be sent out to all DCA members as soon as they are ready. 10 March 2004

LATE UPDATES 8 April 2004

P.L. INSURANCE FOR CAVERS The newly formed British Caving Association is now running in parallel with NCA and has been able to obtain P.L. Insurance for clubs, individual cavers and access controlling bodies, backed by funds from both NCA and BCRA. This insurance operates from 1st. January 2004 and full details, including application form and a set of FAQ, can be downloaded from the BCA website at

ACCESS TO TITAN Following a rescue involving a caver inexperienced in SRT who became stuck on the rope, access to Titan is no longer possible for the moment. Digging has started again and, once this is finished it may be possible to arrange a more forma l access agreement for cavers in general. We'll keep you posted.


10th March 2004