Derbyshire Caving Association

Information Circular 2004/1, January - February 2004


DCA AGM 2004 - Sat. 21 February 2004 at 10am, Monyash Village Hall

The Hall will be open from about 9.30am with tea, coffee and biscuits on tap. The Old Smithy Cafe, next to the Pub, does an excellent breakfast from about 9am.


If you have any queries or problems relating to access or conservation in the region you can e-mail ALL the DCA Conservation and Access Team members on access @ Team members are :


PEAK CAVERN (page 2:5) Management permits Sunday only trips between October and Easter. E-mail J.S.Beck at johnbeck @ (or write enclosing s.a.e. to Glebe Cottage, The Hillock, Eyam, Derbyshire S32 5RB) giving choice of dates, and details of party. Peak Cavern Ltd. require sight of visiting cavers' Public Liability Insurance certificate. No permission for under 18's. Charge made per head. Parking in village. Meet & change at TSG HQ (The Chapel). Limited access through to Speedwell. See separate conditions for trips via JHOE Mine.

NB. White River Series is subject of Conservation Plan to help protect it from further damage.

TITAN (ADD to Page 2:5) Booking required. Contact Dave Nixon, 3 Rose Cottages, Litton, Nr. Buxton, SK17 8QY. Tel. 07775-518626 OR 01298-872622, e-mail. dave.nixon @

GIANTS HOLE (Replace info. on Page 2:7) Notice giving access details at the car park in the valley bottom. Trespass fee to be put in the envelope supplied with car registration number(s) written on it and placed in box by the notice. (Payment by cheque is acceptable - payable to "Peakshill Farm".) Strict speed limit in force on farm road - visitors ignoring it may be turned away. Note: there are no changing facilities at the house or barns.

EYAM DALE HOUSE CAVE (Page 2:16) Add: Evidence of P.L. Insurance required.

ROWTER POT (Page 2:6) Add: Evidence of P.L. Insurance required.

Work is due to start in February on laying a track suitable for horse-riders along the side of the main road at Perryfoot, which will take up part of the layby used for parking for P8, etc. This is part of the works for the new Pennine Bridleway which follows the minor road up Perry Dale and then the minor road which links Perryfoot to the Rushup Edge Road. A new crossing point with suitable warning for traffic will be constructed on the main Castleton to Sparrowpit road. Discussions have already taken place with the planning authorities on extra work needed to ensure that parking is still made available for cavers' vehicles at the layby and the contractors are aware that cavers park at the spot and will try to accommodate them during the period of the works.

It has been noted that fresh carbide and graffiti have appeared in Suicide Pot and also in Nettle Pot near the pull-thro'. Hopefully, this isn't down to any DCA members but it would be good if anyone who comes across such stuff removes it and reports back to DCA so that we can keep track of it. Clearly, there is a need for educating some so-called cavers!


All fixed aids, whatever their origin, should be treated with caution and inspected carefully before use. At present DCA does not have an Equipment Officer so, for the time being, please report any problems to the Hon. Secretary or e-mail equipment @

It was reported that on Saturday 3rd. January a dodgy maillon and hanger were found on the in situ rope just the other side of the sewer in Winnats Head Cave. Both have been removed and the rope left hanging from the next hanger along the traverse. (It had to be left there in order to avoid re-climbing the pitch.) However, the rope is now over a rub-point and should not be used. It is believed that someone is going to replace the hanger shortly.

Please note that, although Winnats Head is listed in the Crewe C.P.C. Rigging Guide, DCA has never placed any Eco-anchors in the cave and is not responsible for any hangers, in situ ropes, etc. which may be found there.

The Nettle Pot pull-thro' does not, after all, work reliably. This will be looked into a.s.a.p. and, if necessary, it will be re-rigged. You will be kept informed of progress. (The Oxlow pull-thro' has also been reported as being suspect so this will also be checked.)

We have a report of a major collapse about 3 metres from the start of the timber in the passage beyond the Rift Chamber and also that the shaft at the start of Clay Chamber is looking "decidedly suspect".


On Saturday and Sunday, 6th and 7th. December, a number of cars parked for caving in the Castleton area were broken into and belongings stolen. Cars parked by cavers at Oxlow, Winnatts Head and P.8 were targetted. On Monday 8th. December vehicles parked in Stoney Middleton Dale were hit! The police have made one arrest but there may have been more than one person or group involved in the thefts. PLEASE - be aware of the problem and take precautions, preferably leave someone on guard with the cars. If you are targetted, please report it to the police a.s.a.p. and also keep DCA informed so we can warn others.

Practical Help

Oxlow Farm: Jenny Hutchinson (Oxlow Farm) suggests that if people call at the farm before caving they will try & fit a (small) number of vehicles into the farmyard.

Hitch 'n' Hike: Due to the current spate of thefts from unattended vehicles (see Caving News Hitch n Hike at Bamford are offering cavers the use of their storeroom for safe storage of spare gear, rucsacks, valuables etc. while underground. Whilst they can't take ultimate responsibility for items left, the service is free and a lot safer than leaving stuff in vehicles. Kit can be left and collected between 9:30am and 5:30pm (or later by prior arrangement) 7 days a week. Telephone 01433 651013 for further info. They've also made some A4 laminated cards for folk to display in their vehicles which say.....

NOTHING OF VALUE left in this vehicle EVERYTHING has been left at a local SAFE STORE You are wasting your time

PS: The Peak District Caving web site now has its own domain and URL's:, and All go directly through to Hitch n Hike.


Information and booking forms for the DCA/NCA Cavers Workshop, are now on the DCA website for you to download for yourself and/or your club.


The newly formed British Caving Association is now running in parallel with NCA and has been able to obtain P.L. Insurance for clubs, individual cavers and access controlling bodies, backed by funds from both NCA and BCRA. This insurance operates from 1st. January 2004 and full details, including application form and a set of FAQ, can be downloaded from the BCA website at


26 January 2004