Derbyshire Caving Association Information Circular 2003/3, July-October 2003


DCA Council Meeting - Sat. 15 November 2003 at 10am at Monyash Village Hall

The Hall will be open from about 9.30am with tea, coffee and biscuits on tap. The Old Smithy Cafe, next to the Pub, does an excellent breakfast from about 9am.

DCA AGM 2004 - Sat. 21 February 2004, at 10am, Monyash Village Hall


Don't forget that the NCA Special General Meeting at Alvechurch on 1st. November will be approving the draft British Caving Association Constitution ready for the setting up of BCA on 1st. January 2004. It is possible that there may be amendments put to the version already circulated to all Club secretaries and the version approved by the SGM will then be put to the ballot for the final seal of approval. The meeting on November 1st. will be the last chance for you to have your say, so make sure your Club is represented.


It has not been possible, despite a tremendous amount of work by a team of people from NCA, BCRA and DCA, to set up a national insurance scheme yet - work continues and things are beginning to look a little more hopeful at last. However, it is not possible at the time of writing to say whether this will be successful or, if it is, when cover will be available. At present, the only available option is the DCA scheme and the papers for this are being sent to all DCA members so that you have a chance of renewing before the existing cover, already extended to 31st. October 2003, runs out.


If you have any queries or problems relating to access or conservation in the region you can e-mail all the DCA Conservation and Access team members on access @ Team members are:

Theft from car parked in P8 Layby
Jez Parr was again the unlucky victim of thieves on Friday, 18th. July between 2pm and 4pm. They smashed a lock to get into the car, slashed two tyres and got away with the only wallet which had been left in the boot. A local farmer saw a blue van stop briefly. The stolen cards from the wallet were used in a Safeway store to buy £150 worth of goods before the cavers were even out of the cave to discover the theft.

Please be warned that thieves know all the usual spots where cavers park and are known to hang about watching for the chance to move in. If they think there is anything of worth left behind, you won't keep them out of your vehicle and they will do damage getting in. The best defence is to leave someone on guard in your car, preferably with a mobile and a notebook to take down suspicious vehicle numbers.

Levels in the Via Gellia gated
It has been reported that the levels near the Via Gellia road in the vicinity of Good Luck Mine have ben gated and padlocked. This is thought to have been done by the Arkwright Society.

Putwell Hill Mine
Note that you will be asked to leave if you are seen near the mine. The DCA Handbook has the note: "Trips undertaken without prior permission of Chatsworth Estates are unauthorised." so please respect this. We hope to start negotiations for access soon.


Hoo Valley Mine (north) 0912 5605. (Handbook p. 2:11) This entrance is now gated at the request of the National Trust. Access is by means of an adjustable spanner.

Neptune Mine, Cressbrook Dale (Handbook p. 2:3) It has been reported that Neptune Mine entrance has collapsed. The entrance is in the Derbyshire Dales National Nature Reserve and permission is needed from English Nature before any work can be done.


DCA handbook
The Handbook Updates, revisions up to April 2003, were printed and the complete sets of pages were sent out to all members in June. Some amendments are already noted (see above) and will be in the next update in 2004. If you don't already have a Handbook, they will be on sale at the DCA meeting on 15th. November.

We now have a range of publications for sale through DCA: some are DCA's own publications, some are by other organisations or individuals. We will bring these along to Meetings but, if you can't make it to the meeting, you can buy by post - just send Jenny Potts your cheque, payable to DCA, and don't forget to include postage.

DCA publications on sale at the Meeting on 15th November

  1. P.8 £12.95 (postage £1.10)
  2. Hillocks/Whalf/Knotlow £12.95 (postage £1.10)
  3. Peak £12.95 (postage £1.10)
  4. Speedwell £12.95 (postage £1.10)
  5. Sidetrack £ 7.95 (postage £1.10)


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23 October 2003