Derbyshire Caving Association Information Circular 2002/4, June / July 2002


DCA Council Meeting: Saturday, 20 July at 10am at Monyash Village Hall

The Hall will be open from about 9.30am with tea, coffee and biscuits on tap. The Old Smithy Cafe, next to the Pub, does an excellent breakfast from about 9am.

Meetings for the rest of the year - all at 10am at Monyash Village Hall


If you have any queries or problems relating to access or conservation in the region, contact DCA Conservation & Access Officer, John Taylor: Tel. 01663-734918, Mob. 0786-6705149, E-mail. access @ Alternatively, contact Iain Barker the Access Officer: Tel. 0114-2530112, Mob. 0771-0689704, E-mail. iainbarker @

Dave Mycroft
Dave has unfortunately had to tender his resignation as DCA Conservation Officer due to personal circumstances beyond his control which, as he says, mean he is unlikely to have the time required to adequately fulfill the vital functions of this post. Our thanks to Dave for all the work he has done for DCA over the past few years.

Jug Holes
Repairs have now been carried out to the ginging in the roof of the Jug Holes Adit, further into the mine than the area restored in the autumn. Thanks to the group of cavers who worked hard stuffing half a ton of "gobbo" into the spaces behind the ginging to stabilise it all. Notices were placed indicating the areas where you need to pass with care and the work was co-ordinated by Dave Webb. There are still a few areas where care should be taken so the notices have been left in place for the present.

Lathkill Head Cave
From uk.rec.caving, dated 19th. June: "Small group took a trip down Lathkill Head last week, we all noticed a shortage of breath once we had reached Lathkiller Hall. Suspect that as the bottom entrance was sumped a shortage of Oxygen and/or build up of CO2 may exist." No-one else has reported this as far as we know.

Knotlow Again
A note received from Mick Earle on 2nd. July: "Dave Carpenter and I did an SRT trip via the climbing shaft route into Waterfall Chamber on Monday afternoon. There was a reasonable amount of water coming down into the chamber and we couldn't help noticing that the water coming down adjacent to the SRT traverse and pitch was (a) smelling of creosote or oil, and (b) leaving an obvious brown film on the rock walls and floor wherever it flowed." This has been reported to the appropriate authorities. Others have reported previously noticing the staining on the wall but not the smell.

Cucklet Delph
We have recently been notified that the gate providing access to Cucklet Delph has been found chained and locked although DCA was unaware of any access restrictions. This is being checked.


Workshops for Club Leaders A reminder that DCA Training Officer Nigel Atkins has arranged a series of caver training events this summer and early autumn. They are designed for club leaders and club training officers, including experienced cavers who may find themselves leading club trips and doing the rigging for others. All are one-day events and will take place at Pindale Farm Outdoor Centre under the guidance of CIC holders. If you are interested in any of the three remaining sessions, please contact Nigel direct: Tel. 01283-210666 or e-mail. training @ There are 12 places on each one-day course and the charge to each individual will be £20 per day.

  1. Sunday, June 30th. 2002 - Vertical Caving Workshop for Club Leaders (non SRT);
  2. Sunday, July 28th.2002 - SRT workshop for Club Leaders;
  3. Sunday, Sept. 22nd.2002 - Cave Leaders workshop for Club Leaders;
  4. October 2002, date to be arranged - Cave Rescue workshop for Club Leaders run by a CIC Holder and Cave Rescue Team. - For this event, contact Mik Starr, (EPC Training Officer), 7 Darwin Ave., Buxton. SK17 6NF.

DCA/NCA Training Workshop - February 2003
Nigel is already beginning to organise the traditional "Cavers Workshop" at Pindale Farm in February next year. Topics: Cave Rescue, SRT, Advanced SRT, Ladders Lines Abseiling with groups and Self Rescue, Cave Video, Mines History, Cave Formation & Development & Conservation. Further details to come.


In the absence of an Equipment Officer, for the time being, please refer problems relating to bolts, fixed aids, etc. to Jenny Potts: Tel. 01335-370629 or E-mail. equipment @


A reminder about the new e-mail contacts for DCA officers. These will always forward to the officer concerned or, if they are away, to someone who is standing in for them. Please use these in future, rather than personal e-mail addresses - they are nice and easy to remember. Please note also the Jenny Potts' "ukonline" e-mail address is due to go off line shortly so you won't get through unless you use the new address.


Change of venue and plan for the weekend 12/13/14 July 2002.

We have just received the following information on last minute changes from the organisers:

Due to a change in the landlord at the Bull i'th Thorn the following changes are necessary.

If you have any questions contact: Bill Whitehouse - 01298 871661, Alan Gamble - 01298 78613 or Pete Allwright - 015396 25412


10 July 2002