Derbyshire Caving Association Information Circular 2002/1, Nov 2001 - Feb 2002


DCA AGM 2002: Saturday, 16 February at 10am at Monyash Village Hall

The AGM will be followed immediately by a short DCA Council Meeting.

The Hall will be open from about 9.30am with tea, coffee and biscuits on tap. The Old Smithy Cafe, next to the Pub, does an excellent breakfast from about 9am.


Tony Gibbs resigned as DCA Conservation & Access Officer in December. Pending the elections at the coming AGM, John Taylor and Dave Mycroft are covering this post between them and have co-opted Iain Barker to help. If you have any queries or problems relating to access or conservation in the region, contact details are:

John: Tel. 01663-734918, Mob. 0786-6705149, E-mail. johnny @
Dave: Tel./Fax. 01298-72331, E-mail. planning @
Iain: Tel. 0114-2530112, Mob. 0771-0689704, E-mail. iainbarker @

As far as we know, all restrictions relating to Foot and Mouth in the region are now withdrawn and all access should be back to normal. A few sites may still have disinfectant footbaths at access points - please use these if they are there. If you come across any problems, please contact one of the Conservation & Access team above.

Many thanks to the team of cavers from DCA clubs: PDMHS, Masson, TSG and Crewe plus members of PICA (the Peak Instructed Caving Affiliation) who have restored the Jug Holes Adit - a really excellent job organised and co-ordinated on site for DCA by Dave Webb. This was a major task, involving the use of digger to excavate a trench through the slump and put in place 6 metres of 720mm diameter pipe to consolidate the entrance; special thanks to Terry Worthington for this part of the job. Thanks also to John Barnatt who organised and led a team on a major clean-up of the entire system. It is now accessed by a superb new bat-friendly gate, constructed by Nigel Cooper, which requires a large adjustable spanner to undo the bolt. The whole was finished off by a team, led by Dave Baines assisted by Rick Hudson, who stone walled and pointed up round the entrance and along the sides of the trench to tidy everything. The team also consolidated the unstable ginging of the shaft which drops into the adit and fitted a steel lid secured by a bolt, which requires a large adjustable spanner for access; special thanks to John Wilmot for his work here. The job was financed with the help of a grant from English Nature and a loan from NCA's UK Cave Conservation Emergency Fund.

Both the new adit gate and shaft top entrances are close to the public footpath so please remember to bolt them shut behind you when you go down and after you come out - don't forget to bring your large adjustable spanner. Also, please make sure you park in the large lay-by about 200m towards Matlock from the Jug Holes footpath, NOT in the passing place almost opposite the Jug Holes footpath. Thanks for your help.

Someone has dumped rubbish in the Hillocks Main Chamber on several occasions recently. This has included some digging gear but also plastic pipes, bags, etc. and what seem to be remnants from people holding a party. Please keep an eye open here, report any further dumping to DCA and make sure the area both inside and outside the entrance is kept clean. We don't want a repeat of the disturbances which occurred a few years ago and upset the village residents so, if it continues, we may need to think of a way of deterring these people.

Please ensure that the bolts on the grille are done up tight so that a spanner is required to undo them and please do not grease the bolt threads to make it easier. (Leaving them ungreased is a deliberate policy to make access difficult for casual passers-by.) Please note also that, because of the slightly twisted frame, it is necessary to push the left hand side with your foot to line up the bolt. When you visit the Mine, bring a spanner to get in and always make sure that you use the spanner to do up BOTH bolts TIGHTLY to close the grille behind you when you go in and after you when you leave. Thanks for your help.

This cave, which gained the TSG diggers a grant from the DCA Cave Discovery Fund in 1997, is accessible to cavers now. It is on land owned by Ashover Show and there is a locked gate on the cave for reasons of safety and conservation. Phone Rick Westwood, 01246-200532, to obtain key and details of access arrangements.

Rubber Duck C. C. have recently done a P8 clean up. They have said that, while the cave itself was fairly clean, the amount collected from the layby was incredible. It may not all be cavers' rubbish but we suspect the old clothing and carbide is!! Please DON'T dump stuff around there - or even put stuff in the litter bin in the layby if you can avoid it. Instead, please take your rubbish away with you and dump it in your own dustbin at home. Many thanks.


A rope was found in Giants a short while ago. If you have lost one and you think this may be it, contact Dave Edwards with description. Tel. 01298-85375, E-mail. dave-edwards @

We have recently received an e-mail from Mick Brady of Denbigh Army & Outdoor Surplus offering apparently unused ex-government surplus Petzl Stops for £15. If you want to follow this up, there is a phone no.: 01745-814978 and a website


DCA/NCA Cavers' Workshop - Saturday and Sunday, 23rd./24th. February, Pindale Farm

Organised by DCA Training Officer Nigel Atkins. All sessions are £10 per head per day and you must book in advance. Application forms have been sent out to all members but there are still a few places. Each session lasts one day and those available are:

All participants will be sent in advance a detailed note of arrangements for the day and a note of gear to bring. If you are interested and want further information, ring Nigel Atkins on 01283-210666. You can download the application form from the DCA website