Derbyshire Caving Association Information Circular 2001/2, Feb. / March 2001


DCA Council Meeting : Saturday, 28 April, 10am. Monyash Village Hall

The Hall will be open from about 9.30am. with tea, coffee & biscuits on tap. The Old Smithy Cafe, next to the Pub, does an excellent breakfast from 9am. Meetings for the rest of the year - all at 10am at Monyash Village Hall Council Meetings for 2000: Saturday 21 July, Saturday 10 November, AGM 2001: Saturday, 16 February


On 24th. February the following advice was circulated to all DCA members for whom we have an e-mail address and it was put on the DCA website:

All cavers are asked to act responsibly and to curtail their activities while the threat of possible infection of farm animals by Foot and Mouth Disease lasts. The current outbreak is a very real threat to the livelihood of farmers and we should not jeopardise our good relations with them by going onto their land while the emergency lasts.

Some of the Derbyshire farmers have already contacted DCA to ask that we pass on this message to our members and have said that they are refusing all access to their land for the time being. It will help immensely if we are seen to act sensibly and responsibly by voluntarily staying away until the all clear is given. Please make sure this message is passed on to your caving friends, fellow club members, etc.

Thank you for your co-operation.
Jenny Potts,
Hon. Secretary/Treasurer. DCA

This advice was also circulated to caving shops and cafes in the region, to caving websites and to local newspapers. Local landowners and farmers, the Peak Park and English Nature were also informed of our action.

On the same day NCA also circulated advice to cavers which was put on its website. An update to this advice was issued on 26th. February, as follows:

The situation has deteriorated rapidly during the past few days with twelve cases now confirmed in various parts of the country. In view of this very grave situation everyone is requested to immediately stop all caving and associated activities until the crisis is over. Indeed all unnecessary visits to the countryside should be avoided. Many clubs have closed their headquarters to visitors and have cancelled bookings.

The MAFF website at has up to date information on the situation. They also have a helpline available from 0800 to 2300 daily on 0845 0504141.

Graham Price, Conservation Officer
National Caving Association

Please note that, if you have an e-mail link and you didn't receive these messages, it is because the DCA Secretary doesn't have a record of your e-mail address. If you would like to be included in future e-mail circulars and if clubs would like to receive a text version of the regular DCA Information Circulars, please contact the DCA Secretary to let her know of the address to be used.


Nigel Atkins reports that the "Tots & Totties" tour is underway for 2001. He has a show now available for the Mexico trip which is be shown on National Geographic later in the year. Usual fee of ale incurred if you want him to pop along and show his holiday slides!

A handful of club cavers are now going through the scheme and Nigel hopes to get these all signed up by the Summer. The scheme, designed for those responsible for leading others underground, requires that candidates must have attended a training course by an approved provider before an assessment can take place. A good ticket to wave at people looking for competency in leadership. He has registration forms and copies of the syllabus if anyone would like some.

There are only 2 pre-assessment days in 2001 for DCA members or members of DCA clubs to go through and test yourselves out! They include both a surface and underground sessions. The cost is only £20.00. Cavers must be proficient in personal techniques and have their own personal equipment before booking. The dates for these days are May 26th & 27th and places are limited so please book early.

Nigel is only organising one SRT workshop weekend in 2001 for DCA members or members of DCA clubs, which will include surface and underground sessions. The date is May 19th & 20th and the cost will be around £30.00 for the weekend to cover expenses incurred. People need to be proficient in personal SRT and have their own kit.

These are run on demand and have been very rewarding for those who undertake mine trips and wish to have hands on practical experience. There are various days in the LC/MLA training scheme, which may also be of benefit to those interested in Derbyshire Mines.

Nigel has details of training and accreditation courses in 2001 around the Peak District on a number of activities, BCU awards, SPSA (rock climbing & abseiling) etc. and Mountain Leader training & assessments.

Clubs get cash every year. If you or your club are thinking of running a training event, please phone Nigel for an NCA grant application form. The usual grant is for around 25% of the event cost.

For all the above events, please contact the DCA Training Officer, Nigel Atkins, direct:

DCA Assistant Training Officer, Dave Webb, has designs on you too! He will shortly be contacting DCA members clubs about appointing a Club Training Officer - look out for Dave's circular.


A field meeting of the BCRA's Cave Surveying Group - one of the special interest groups of the BCRA.

This will take place at the Orpheus CC Cottage in Derbyshire. The aim is to plan and design the next generation of cave surveying computer program, Survex, so surveyors with experience of this or similar software will be especially welcome. Training in surveying will be provided for other cavers.

Further details from Allan Richardson Tel: 01772 783194 (evenings), E-mail. allanr @ Further information about CSG is on their web page at


There is some cave diving on the telly soon. Gavin Newman's film "Road to Certain Death" will be shown on BBC 1 on Wednesday 21 March between 2235 - 2315 hours.


28 Feb. 2001

Hon. Sec./Treas., Jenny Potts, 3 Greenway, Hulland Ward, Ashbourne, Derbys. DE6 3FE. Tel. 01335-370629
E-m: jenny.potts @