Information Circular 2000/3 - April/May 2000


Council Meeting: Sat. 15 July at 10am. Monyash Village Hall

The Hall will be open from about 9.30am. with tea, coffee & biscuits on tap. The Old Smithy Cafe, next to the Pub, does an excellent breakfast from 9am. All meetings arranged start at 10am. at Monyash Village Hall.

Further meetings arranged are:

DCA Council: Saturday, 11 November 2000;
AGM 2001: Saturday, 17 February 2001

CAVERS FAIR 2000 - 7/8/9 July
Pindale Farm Outdoor Centre, Hope, Derbyshire.

The Eldon Stomp for the DCA Cavers Fair will be at 8pm, on Saturday, 8th. at the Blue Circle Social Club, Hope (near Pindale Farm). Tickets £3.50. Band: "The Usual Suspects". The NCA Rope Test Rig will be at the Fair so bring along ropes you want testing but be prepared to supply a "history" of storage, known damage sustained, etc.

Watch out for news on the DCA website at:


If you have any information to pass on or have any queries, please contact the Conservation & Access Officer direct: Tony Gibbs e-mail. t.gibbs @

Lathkill Head Cave Upper Entrance
Access is now restored to Lathkill Head Cave Upper Entrance. However, there are conditions attached to this agreement which must be adhered to:

1. Access is limited to members of DCA/NCA who must also be able to produce evidence that they hold a current Public Liability Insurance.

2. You must follow the prescribed route to the cave Access Route Map :
a. Follow the public footpath from Lathkill Dale to One Ash Grange;
b. Leave the footpath at a point just north of the 4-wall junction with two cattle troughs at SK165658, go through the gateway and head diagonally NE across the field to the obvious gateway by the wall junction;
c. Go through the gate and then follow the wall north to the entrance at SK16736595.

3. The lid on the shaft requires a large adjustable spanner to undo the bolt and it must be bolted shut from below once you are down the shaft. (The bolt can be undone from either above or below at all times.)

4. Cavers must comply with the Minimal Impact Caving Code - maximum party size is 6.

5. A log book is kept inside the cave at the top of the shaft and cavers are asked to sign in on entry.

6. The cave is within the newly re-drawn boundaries of the Lathkill Dale SSSI and National Nature Reserve. All digging activity in the cave must be approved by English Nature.

The Garden Path is covered by a different agreement from Lathkill Head Cave Upper Entrance, and access is restricted to those doing scientific work. Details of the conditions for such work to be carried out out are available from Tony Gibbs.

Holme Bank Chert Mine
Ownership of the building block firm, Smiths Runners Ltd, has changed hands and the new man-in-charge, Mr Oldfield, wants indemnifying. He is prepared to allow access to continue as before whilst DCA sorts out indemnity provision. However, the telephone numbers given in the Handbook are to be discontinued and the new number to ring is 01629 813301, between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm. All visiting groups are advised to have valid PL insurance cover.

Knotlow Mine
Thanks to ventilation work by Crewe C.P.C. on a number of shaft tops in the area, the pollution has cleared, at least for the time being. Please fill in the Log Book at the foot of the Climbing Shaft each time you visit - even a "nil return" may be helpful in pinpointing events if the pollution appears again.

Eyamdale House Cave
It has been reported by Chesterfield C. C. that members had been asked to provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance when visiting the cave.


If you come across a DMM Eco-hanger which you think may be loose, (or any fixed aid, etc.) please contact DCA Equipment Officer, Mark Lowe MLowecave @ or inform Jenny: Tel. 01335-370629 or e-mail jenny.potts @

Eldon Hole
The "Eldon fence" has now been renewed and the cost will be covered by DCA with the assistance of a grant from Peak District National Park. A new stile is being installed by Crewe C.P.C. members.

Water Icicle
Orpheus C. C. have installed a new chain to fasten the manhole-cover-type lid to the bar and prevent it falling down the shaft. If you descend, make sure that you secure the opening against stock following you!

On Saturday, 25 March a car was broken into at the P.8 lay-by while its owner was caving. Clothes, overnight gear, purse, jewellery, etc. were taken from the boot. Any information would be welcomed by Jane Draisey, e-mail. jndraisey @

DCA's proposals for amendments to NCA's constitution were agreed unanimously by the NCA AGM, after a minor amendments accepted by DCA. Ballot papers have now been sent to all member clubs. Please make sure that your club uses its vote in the ballot to ensure that these proposals are now ratified.


"Rescue 2000-New Techniques for a New Century"
16 -18 June at the Bull i' th'Thorn A515, 6 miles S of Buxton.
Free Camping, Stomp Sat night. Breakfast and Evening meals available at the bar.
Contact Alan Gamble Tel. 01298 71683, e-mail. ag @


19th May 2000

Hon. Sec./Treas., Jenny Potts 3 Greenway, Hulland Ward, Ashbourne, Derbys. DE6 3FE. Tel. 01335-370629

E-m: jenny.potts @