Information Circular 2000/2 - March 2000


Council Meeting: Sat. 8 April at 10am. Monyash Village Hall

The Hall will be open from about 9.30am. with tea, coffee & biscuits on tap. The Old Smithy Cafe, next to the Pub, does an excellent breakfast from 9am. All meetings arranged start at 10am. at Monyash Village Hall.

Don't forget applications for membership from Clubs, Associate or Individual Members should reach the Hon. Secretary by 6th. April if they are to he considered at this meeting.

AGM 2001: Advance Notice - Saturday, 17 February 2001, 10am. Monyash Village Hall.

CAVERS FAIR 2000 - 7/8/9 JULY
Pindale Farm Outdoor Centre, Hope, Derbyshire.

2 days of events: SRT and Ladder/Line workshops, First Aid, Basic Cave Rescue, Photography and Video workshops, fieldwork sessions, competitions, quizzes, Stomp, etc. to suit cavers of all ages and abilities. Accommodation on site is bunkhouse or camping and food will be on sale on site all weekend. Booking forms due out at the end of March. Watch out for news on the DCA website at:


If you have any information to pass on or have any queries, please contact the Conservation & Access Officer direct: Tony Gibbs e-mail. t.gibbs @

Claire Trinder
Claire has been our contact officer at English Nature's Over Haddon Office for some years, has now left to take up a post as a Voluntary Service Organisation worker overseas. Her support for DCA has been invaluable through some difficult times and we wish her well in her new post. We welcome Audra Hurst, who has taken over Claire's role in relation to DCA.

A message from Crewe C.P.C. re. the Knotlow / Hillocks area:
You are probably aware that Dave Nixon has done some work at the foot of Fourways shaft with a view to improving drainage. Recently Crewe C.P.C. fitted a grill to the Knotlow 210ft. and there was an immediate improvement in the ventilation as the air leaving the shaft formed clouds of condensation. Previously the lid on the 210ft. was "airtight". You probably already know that the lids on the 55ft. climbing shaft and on Whalf Shaft are designed with a gap of about 1 inch so as not to be airtight. Hopefully the atmosphere in the system will now be in better condition and following further investigation will get a clean bill of health.

Access to Whalf Engine Shaft
Crewe C.P.C. have now managed (with the help of Derbyshire County Council!) to open the engine shaft to Hillocks (just over the wall from Whalf) now designated "Whalf Engine Shaft", and again the access lid fitted will allow for ventilation. There is no need to call and ask the farmer for permission, just be sure to follow the Country Code while walking across and take a large adjustable spanner to open the lid on the shaft. All shafts are being bolted up with Eco-anchors.

To reach the new shaft, either climb the stile as though going to Knotlow but turn right and walk up to the top of the first field (Knotlow lies in the second field); Whalf Engine Shaft is close to the wall which surrounds the copse visible on the skyline. OR Walk past Whalf Climbing Shaft (in the copse opposite the stile leading to Hillocks entrance) and climb over the fence in the top left hand corner of the copse.

NB the inner "cattle" grill has yet to be fitted, take precautions if stock are in the field.

Steve Knox will be sending a more detailed report to DCA and Descent on the work done by CCPC at Knotlow and Hillocks.


If you come across a DMM Eco-hanger which you think may be loose, (or any fixed aid, etc.) please contact DCA Equipment Officer, Mark Lowe MLowecave @ or inform Jenny: Tel. 01335-370629 or e-mail jenny.potts @

Eldon Hole
The "Eldon fence" is now imminent thanks to a grant from Peak District National Park and to DCA for making up the difference. The old gate will be removed and replaced by a stile.


Don't forget that the Handbook can be bought direct from Iain Barker if you send him a cheque for £4.00 payable to DCA (£3.50 + 50p postage). It can also be bought over the counter from Hitch 'n' Hike in Bamford, Peveril Outdoor & Travel in Castleton, the Old Smithy Teashop in Monyash and Inglesport in Ingleton. We're looking for other shop outlets to make it more widely available so, if you've any ideas, contact Iain. Copies are on sale at DCA Meetings.

The first set of update pages will shortly be issued free to paid-up DCA members and to those who bought copies and returned the update form with s.a.e.

DCA Address List

Just issued is the new DCA address list for Officers, Trustees, Cave Discovery Fund Panel Members, Clubs and Associate members. Please check your entry and let the Secretary know if there are any errors. Also, if you have an e-mail address or a web page which isn't mentioned, please let the Secretary know if you would like us to put links to your club website onto the DCA website. Individual members' addresses are not listed but check your address label on this circular to make sure it's correct and let us know if there are errors.

News from former DCA member Dave Gill

Dave who is now living in Sarawak, invites us to check out the Buda web page on:

David William Gill, Eng. Tech. TMIEIE. FRGS.
Cave and Karst Consultant,
Ranhill Bersekutu (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd,
Office Tel No 082 258111. Fax 082 255477

Home address and office,
Lot 2744, Jln Taman Boulevard, Boulevard Garden,
9800, Miri, Sarawak.
Tel No 085 429766,
E-M. davegill @


25 March 2000

Hon. Sec./Treas., Jenny Potts 3 Greenway, Hulland Ward, Ashbourne, Derbys. DE6 3FE. Tel. 01335-370629

E-m: jenny.potts @