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Please report any access problems or questions to the Access Officer via email or the online form here.

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Notes for the guidance of applicants

Please ensure that the form and any supporting documents are clear and legible as copies have to be circulated to the panel members. You should send one copy of the completed form and documents to the Association's Treasurer, whose address is given below. Please keep your own copies of the form and any supporting documents sent in.

The Constitution of the DCA Cave Discovery Fund is referred to in the guidance given and a copy of this is supplied with the Application Form.

  1. Applications may be made by Individual Members of DCA or by Member Clubs but applicants must be members of at least 12 months standing in DCA. (The date on which members joined is already on record with the Treasurer.) Constn. ref. 3.1.
    1. Individual Member's application - just cross through the section asking for the Club address.
    2. Club Application - the first address should be that of the club member principally concerned with the discovery; the Club Treasurer's address is needed to check information on expenses. Any grant awarded will be paid direct to the Club.
  2. It would be helpful for the panel to have the names of all those principally concerned but the grant will be paid only to one person or to a club.
  3. There are two dates each year by which applications must be received: 1st. March or 1st. September. The panel will meet twice a year as soon as possible after these dates to decide on applications for that 6-month period. Grant may be given towards reimbursing expenses incurred during the 12 months prior to the date of application. (Note that you may ask for an application form at any time, the "date of application" is the date on which you wish the completed form to be entered.) Constn. ref. 2.2, 2.6.
  4. You should describe the location briefly giving the name of the discovery and, if possible, a grid reference for the entrance to the cave or mine. Indicate whether it is effectively a completely new site or whether it is an extension to an existing cave or mine. (If it is already listed in "Caves of the Peak District", a page reference would help.) Constn. ref. 3.3 and 3.4.
  5. Please supply a brief description of the discovery/extension (not more than one side of A4) and, if possible, a simple sketch survey on one side of A4. Constn. ref. 3.3 and 3.4.
  6. You should give a brief explanation of the access arrangements. Note that, as far as possible, all cavers should be able to have access to the new discovery, subject to conditions imposed by the owners or lessees, considerations of conservation, etc. If you need help in organising access for a new discovery, the Association's Conservation Officer may be able to advise. Constn. ref. 6.1.
  7. You should give a brief explanation of how the conservation of the new discovery may be achieved, having reference to the National Cave Conservation Policy. The Association's Conservation Officer can be contacted for advice if you need it. Constn. ref. 6.2.
  8. Eligible expenses might be, for example: building/structural materials, permanent anchor points placed to assist descent/ascent, printing of surveys or documents required for access/conservation, tape for protected areas. Expenses which are not eligble: personal caving gear, travel expenses. It is understood that not all items of expenditure can be supported by receipts but it is helpful if these can be supplied where possible. If you are not sure whether a particular expense is eligible, you can contact the Association's Treasurer for advice. Constn. ref. 2.6, 3.2.
  9. This should be the signature of the Individual Member of DCA or of the Club member principally concerned in the discovery and the date on which the form was completed and sent to the DCA Treasurer. Applications will be considered only for the two dates: 1st. March or 1st. September in any one year.
  10. An application from a Member Club must be supported by the signatures of the Club Treasurer and one other officer of that Club, neither of whom should be the principal applicant. Constn. ref. 3.1 (Just cross through this section if the application is from an individual.)

Note that the money for the grants comes from a levy on all the Association's members as part of their annual subscription and from donations to the DCA Cave Discovery Fund made by individuals and clubs.

DCA Treasurer

Angus Sawyer
143 Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 3LJ
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DCA Conservation Officer

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