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The DCA Cave Discovery Fund aims to encourage the discovery of new caves and cave passages in the Peak District and associated areas by offering funding to offset part of the expenses incurred by DCA member clubs and/or individual members in making the discoveries.

It also aims to ensure that conservation and access interests are properly considered in the exploitation of such discoveries and that they are properly documented and recorded.

pdfDCA Cave Discovery Fund Constitution (2022)

pdfGuidance Notes

pdfApplication form for individuals

pdfApplication form for clubs

Cave Discovery Fund Grants to Date

      Total Awarded
Year Grant To Location Each Year
2015 Buttered Badgers PC Rowter Hole  £104.44
2010 Orpheus CC (K Slatcher) Water Icicle extensions  
  Orpheus CC (P Wagstaff) Bottle Pot £ 72.04
2006 Orpheus CC Owl Hole £ 69.00
2004 Orpheus CC Owl Hole £ 67.00
2001 TSG P7 £ 30.00
1998 Crewe CPC (C Knox) Whalf Pipe Mine  
  TSG (N Kinge) Dowell Dale Side Pot £ 111.08
1997 A Morrison Bagshawe diving  
  TSG (R Westwood) Dumble Hole Swallet £ 58.79
1996 J Cordingley Speedwell Diving  
  Eldon PC (K Bentham) Ricklow Cave  
  Eldon PC (K Bentham) Lathkill Head - Tiger 6  
  Eldon PC (K Bentham) Lathkill Head - Tiger 7 £ 131.00
1995 Eldon PC (K Bentham) Intake Mine  
  Eldon PC (K Bentham) Bagshawe Cavern  
  Eldon PC (K Bentham) Whim Mine  
  J Cordingley Assist Peak Discoveries  
  M Milner Darfar Pot & Radcliffe Stables  
  Eldon PC (K Bentham) Alsop's Cave  
  Eldon PC (K Bentham) Lathkill Head  
  Eldon PC (K Bentham) Bagshawe Cavern £ 155.86
Grand Total Awarded to date   £ 799.21