Projects currently being working on/involved with include:

  1. Hungerhill Swallet. Negotiations with DCC and EA regarding diversion of road run off into swallet.
  2. Devonshire Cavern. Restoration work with PICA.
  3. Methods of conserving calcite false floor surrounding pools in Carleswark.
  4. Conservation Taping of vulnerable and badly damaged areas in the White River Series (practical work undertaken by Lisa Wooton and her team.)
  5. Support for production of Conservation Plans at Water Icicle (Karen) and Waterways Swallets.

Completed Projects

Boulder Pot

DCA’s good relations with Natural England, coupled with the offer of liability indemnity to the landowner, proved crucial here in getting the go-ahead to reopen the site.

The actual work and cost involved in physically reopening it turned out to be more daunting than initially expected, as the entrance last used in the 1990’s lay buried under several metres of earth and stones.

A marathon effort by a dedicated team using materials and equipment supplied both by DCA and individual team members, plus the services of a hired JCB and operator, eventually brought the project to a successful conclusion by early April 2011.

Snelslow Swallet

Remove rusting headgear and rubbish from abandoned dig (1 skip).


Restoration of access to collapsed lower entrance.

Hungerhill Swallet

Restoration of access to cave via collapsed “Oil Drum” entrance.

Neptune Mine

Restore of access to previously collapsed entrance.

Gautries Hole

Major clean-up of main and adjacent swallets (8 skips).

Rowter Hole

Rebuilding and making safe shaft top and access lid.

Knotlow and Hillocks

Improvement of entrances - removal of rubbish.

Waterfall Swallet

Remove rubbish (1 skip).

Bagshawe Cavern

Clean up of cave and caves in Bradwell Dale (3 skips).

Carlswark Cavern

Remove rubbish (2 skips) plus rubbish from verges and other caves in the Dale.

Dowse Hole

Remove rubbish and old dig material (1 skip).

There were numerous other smaller projects, including stile and wall repairs and shaft capping, etc.