Cave Digging coverA new leaflet has been produced jointly by the DCA and Natural England titled "Cave Digging on SSSIs?... A Guide to Good Practice".

It is a replacement for the old "Do you Dig Caves?" leaflet which went out of print several years ago.

A lot of thought has gone into the wording and layout which is essentially written by cavers for cavers, with the help of a generous grant from Natural England.

Digging is an essential activity for the discovery of new cave, and a completely re-written section sets out some helpful Guidelines on Procedures to adopt before starting a dig on an SSSI.

There are also paragraphs on the Monitoring Scheme. SSSIs, Archaeology, Bats, the work of Natural England, the DCA, and the Environment Agency, and a list of some useful contacts.

The leaflet also contains a map of the all the geological and biological SSSIs in Derbyshire and North Staffs (to include the Hamps and Manifold Valleys) and a complete list of all the caves that lie within them and that are monitored.

You can pdfdownload the leaflet by clicking on this link.