These are the access conditions drawn up by Okeover Estate re. access to Waterways Swallet. No specific permit is required, just that cavers abide by these conditions.

Access Terms for Waterways Swallet

(as from September 1996)

NB. This access agreement is between DCA and the Okeover Estate. The land is farmed by the tenant at Waterings Farm, without whose approval the licence would soon lapse. An agreement has been in force since 1972 and has been renewed by the Estate on a yearly basis and updated twice (in 1984 & 1996). Its success has been due largely to DCA's willingness to assume responsibility for cavers' behaviour.

To ensure continued success all visitors are requested to abide by the terms set out below and respect DCA's role as negotiating party with both tenant & owner. Visitors are also requested to acquaint themselves beforehand with the grading of the cave and with descriptions given in COTPD 2010, the DCA Handbook and in any subsequent published literature.

  1. The period of the licence to be for one year from 29th September.
  2. No cars to be left in the approach road to Waterings Farm or on the adjoining public roads; cars may be parked within the area of waste land, being part of OS 154.
  3. The Estate not to be liable for any accident which visiting cavers may have and DCA to explain to all visitors the dangers they face which must be at their own risk. DCA to indemnify the Estate against any claim which may arise in connection with this Licence.
  4. DCA to pay a nominal fee for the Licence on the signing of it.
  5. Access to the site to be from the public road down the footpath down the SW side of OS 150 and not via OS 149, the field immediately to the south-west.
  6. DCA to maintain a stock-proof fence around the immediate area of the pothole.
  7. The Estate to have the right immediately to terminate the Licence in the event of any part of it not being complied with.