Access to Derbyshire Dales National Nature Reserve

(NB. This Agreement with Natural England dates from 1998 and supersedes earlier agreements negotiated with the former Nature Conservancy Council and English Nature in the late 70's. & 1985.)

Permission is given to Individual Members and Member Clubs of the Derbyshire Caving Association and other organisations likewise affiliated to the British Caving Association to enter abandoned mine workings and cave systems subject to the following conditions:

  1. Access to be entirely at the risk of the persons making use of the permission and no claim for any loss, damage, injury or death, however occurring, to be made upon the Landowner, Occupier, or Mineral Owner.
  2. All parties to be properly organised, equipped, and supervised by a responsible and experienced leader familiar with all the circumstances. The Leader to be responsible for the safety and conduct of the party, which would never be less than a total of three persons. Parental consent would be obtained in the case of young persons under the age of 18 years.
  3. The permission is for entry by existing entrances only. Users of this permission are not authorlsed to explore for other entrances or access routes, nor is authorisation given for removal of specimens, bat ringing, camping, and the use of explosives, dyes, and tracers Cavers should take special care when crossing the land to avoid damage and disturbance and wherever possible adhere to the footpath.
  4. No litter is to be left either in or outside the workings.
  5. All lighting should be electric. Carbide lamps may be used only in an emergency.
  6. Installations, apparatus and equipment must not be damaged.
  7. Users of this permission should be prepared to produce evidence of membership of an organisation affiliated to the British Caving Association to be shown on request to any person authorised by English Nature or the Landowner.
  8. This permission might be revoked at any time upon giving one month's notice.
  9. Non-compliance with any of these conditions renders the individual a trespasser. English Nature reserve the right to withdraw the use of the permission by individuals or Clubs not observing these conditions.
  10. Users of the permission are expected to acquaint themselves with, and adhere to, the latest BCA codes on Safety and Conservation.