Most caves and mines in the Peak District can be accessed by simply asking the landowner or tenant for permission; sometimes a small trespass fee (usually between £1 and £4) is asked for.

Many of the mines are gated or capped for safety and to protect against risks to trespassers; these can be entered by using a large adjustable spanner also known as a "Derbyshire key" to undo the bolts on the gate or lid, taking care to leave the site secure again on leaving.

Some caves and mines are closed during the lambing season, usually between March and May. A few sites have to be booked in advance and require that visiting cavers hold their own Public Liability Insurance cover.

Full details of all access arrangements are in the online Access Guide & Cave Registry.

For further information, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All caves in Lathkill Dale, including Lathkill Head Cave Upper Entrance are subject to the Natural England and Chatsworth access agreements.

Waterways Swallet is covered by the agreement with Okeover Estates.