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Council Meeting

The aim of the Derbyshire Caving Association is to foster the spirit of co-operation between organisations and individuals interested in any aspect of caving and kindred subjects in the area of Derbyshire and vicinity and to foster co-operation between the caving world and other bodies or individuals.


Membership is open to Caving Clubs, Individual Members and non-club group Members. Click here for how to join. See here for our constitution.

Latest news ...

Hi everyone - We need your help!

As part of your caving trips in SSSI cave and mine systems in the White Peak, in the next year of so, we are asking whether you can help us check their condition and take note of any damage. Their condition needs to be assessed for Natural England at 5 yearly intervals and is required now. Natural England in return for our service provides necessary funding for conservation, repair and clean up work to caves/mines and their entrances and many of you may have already been involved in some of Pete Knight’s conservation projects that have tapped into this funding.

Monitoring forms (surveys) are available to download from the DCA website see SSSI's in the White Peak. You can locate features to assess and whether important cave features like sediment sequences (CSS) i.e. mud, or the cave passage morphology CPM (rock), or minerals (M) have been damaged or not. Some systems have been checked already and an indication of their monitoring status is shown on the DCA website.

Historically, in order to help look after and monitor our caves and save time, caving clubs/individuals have adopted cave areas but it’s not just down to those clubs and their members, everyone and anyone can monitor part or whole of a SSSI cave/mine system and any any level of contribution gratefully received:- Cave SSSI areas (individual caves are listed under these on the website):-

  • Castleton -TSG
  • Bradwell Dale - Eldon PC
  • Hamps & Manifold valleys - individual
  • Lathkill Dale - Orpheus
  • Masson Hill - Masson CG
  • Poole's Cavern -individual/owner
  • Stoney Middleton Dale - individual
  • Upper Lathkill Dale - Orpheus

Many thanks and looking forward to receiving forms!

Best wishes

Christine Wilson
DCA Conservation Officer
DCA Conservation and Access Team

The new owners of the New Bath Hotel are installing "No Parking" notices on the overflow parking spot. This is not aimed at cavers but the general public who are using this space for BBQ’s, leaving rubbish, etc. Cavers are informally advised to avoid this parking area for a few weeks until it calms down and then the hotel will issue a temporary permit for cavers to collect from reception

Please take note of this and if you really must use this parking area in the next few weeks, please go and ask at the hotel reception.

Pete Knight, DCA Projects / PICA

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