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Latest news below:

Chatsworth are taking up the apparent dispute with the owner of Holme Hall over access to the bottom entrance to the Mine. In the meantime DCA understands that applications to visit the Mine should continue to be made as usual to Oldfield Design and that for divers and others access will be allowed via Entrance No. 2 known as Smiths Level.

Parking should be as discreet as possible and on no account should the bridleway or the driveway to Holme Hall be obstructed.

However, Smiths Level cannot be used for Wheelchair Access and it is not yet clear whether access via that route is approved by the Mine Inspector for instructed parties.

Jenny Potts, DCA Hon. Sec

A further visit to Eldon Hole was made today, and the remaining old bollards have now been removed and await transport away from the site. The single new bollard anchor that the DCA team installed last week on the West route appears to have set correctly and I've had reports that it has been satisfactorily used by the Eldon diggers. At this time there 's only the single bollard on the West route but it is hoped to install a second back up as soon as weather and volunteers allow.

The East route currently has no ground anchors so unfortunately this route is not safely passable for the time being. There are 3 new bollards in storage ready to be installed here. Weather and a bogged down Landrover last week forced the team to carry all the supplies up so the installation of the remaining anchors will need to wait for drier ground conditions. It is hoped that volunteers will come forward and we can get this project completed as soon as possible.

Please continue to check all safety anchors, bolt, bollard or other, as part of your safe caving practice and if in doubt, contact the DCA Equipment Projects team.

Pete Knight DCA Projects